Privacy Policy

Who I am

This policy is to inform you of the type of personal information Dave’s Wayne County Process Service collects and how it is processed and used, per US and EU Privacy Guidelines.

Personal Information Collected

Personal information collected on this website include your name, email address, and phone number via my contact form. This information is used only for responding to your inquiry and is not stored in a database or given to a third-party.

Anonymous Information Collected

IP addresses of all visitors to this site are collected. These IP addresses are used in the following capacity:

  • CloudFlare – To identify potential attack traffic and stop it
  • A2 Hosting – To log all website traffic and identify potential attack traffic and stop it

Third-Party Links

There may be third-party links on this website for various reasons. Each third-party link is subject to their own privacy policy and terms. I cannot control how they handle your personal and anonymous information, and you understand that if you click on a third-party link that it is not subject to this privacy policy.

Disable Tracking

You can disable cookies through your browser settings if you wish to not have cookies stored for this website.


Dave’s Wayne County Process Service makes no warranties as to the accuracy of any privacy policies of third-party entities that information is shared with.


This privacy policy was last updated on January 1, 2019 and may be updated with or without notice at my discretion.


If you have concerns about how your information is collected on this site, please contact me.