Process Server FAQ

  1.  Are Process Servers bound by the fees set in the Michigan Statutes?

        —–They apply to anyone authorized to serve process in Michigan.  You will find process servers charging varying fees, however, they are not prescribed by Senate Bill No. 1043 passed on March 28, 2013.

  1. Do some process servers charge by each attempt made?

       —–There is absolutely no Michigan Statute allowing for multiple attempt charges.  A certified process server will use computer search techniques and old-school techniques of asking and obtaining information while on the street serving process.   This adheres to the plan of serving on the first attempt.

  1.  Why use I Process Server who is certified?

       —–A MCDOSA Certified Process Server has demonstrated he/she has passed a very difficult exam on the laws and procedures to serve process in the State of Michigan.  They continue to attend continuing education seminars each year and renew their certification every two years.

  1. How long does it take to achieve service of process?

       —–It is never an exact science as to how long it will take to serve any legal document.  Rest assured, each case will be given the utmost attention, investigation and timely response.

  1.  Are there cases whereby service is not made?

       —–Of course, there is!  However, we notate every attempt to serve.  We take meticulous notes and present an affidavit to the court for alternate service.  When this happens, we simply perfect the service by attaching the documents to the door.